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Introduction to Import Risk Assessment

Chapter 2.2 of the Aquatic Animal Health Code published by OIE gives more details on import risk analysis.

Article 2.2.1.


An import risk analysis begins with a description of the commodity proposed for import and the likely annual quantity of trade. It should be recognised that whilst an accurate estimate of the anticipated quantity of trade is desirable to incorporate into the risk estimate, it may not be readily available, particularly where such trade is new.

Hazard identification is an essential step that should be conducted before the risk assessment. The risk assessment process consists of four interrelated steps. These steps clarify the stages of the risk assessment, describing them in terms of the events necessary for the identified potential risk(s) to occur, and facilitate understanding and evaluation of the conclusions (or ‘outputs’). The product is the risk assessment report, which is used in risk communication and risk management .

The relationships between risk assessment and risk management processes are outlined in Figure 1.

Figure 1: The relationship between risk assessment and risk management processes





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