7. Guiding Principles

The effective development and implementation of aquatic biosecurity will take place:

  1. Through an engagement process that will inform, consult, involve, collaborate and empower governments, businesses, communities and people in PICTs.
  2. In a culturally sensitive, economically viable and environmentally friendly manner.
  3. In a technically accessible manner.
  4. Promoting gender equality and the participation of women across the decision-making spectrum.
  5. Promoting long-term sustainable production and trade.
  6. Promoting economic development and benefits at regional, national and local levels.
  7. Recognizing the importance of risk analysis in existing and future aquaculture developments.
  8. Maintaining and enhancing the health of aquatic stocks used by the aquaculture sector.
  9. Enhancing regional networking of existing and future human and technical resources.
  10. Promoting transparency and accountability in reporting.

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