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13. Weaving and Thatching Fibres

Freshwater reed

English Name: Freshwater reed

Scientific Name: Eleocharis articulata

Indigenous Name: Kuta (Fiji)

General Information:

Products made from weaving and thatching fibres were the most problematic, according to Pacific retailers and customs officers. In most Pacific countries, quarantine/biosecurity agencies will refuse to issue certifications needed for export if the commodities do not meet phytosanitary checks, if the commodities are regulated, or if the exporter does not undertake the necessary fumigation, processing, etc. While these fibres are used extensively throughout the Pacific and travel relatively easily, they often are infested with insects and so will be refused after a risk analysis at customs.
Depending on the country, any items that are infested may be sent for treatment and later released to the consumer, or in some countries are confiscated on the spot. Fumigation, certification and proper packaging are always advised. To export plants and plant products, a person should refer to the biosecurity requirements of the destination country. An import permit issued by the destination country may be required and a phytosanitary certificate issued by the National Plant Protection Organisation.

Export clearance is required if the country of destination requires a sanitary or phytosanitary certification.


English Name: Fernland reed

Scientific Name: Miscanthus floridulus

Indigenous Name: 

Raupo, kāka’o(Cook Islands), kuta (Fiji), ‘aso (Samoa), a’eho (Tahiti Nui, French Polynesia)

Fernland reed

English Name: Freycinetia roots

Indigenous Name: Kiekie (Cook Islands); Kiekie (Fiji); ‘ie’ie (Samoa); ‘Ie’Ie (Tahiti, French Polynesia)

Freycinetia roots

English Name: Samoan pandanus
Scientific Name: Pandanus whitmeeanus
Indigenous Name: fara ‘amoa, papa (Cook Islands), laufala (Samoa); fala, laufala (Tonga); laufala (Tahiti, French Polynesia); laufau, laufala (Tuvalu);

Samoan pandanus

English Name: Weaving pandanus

Scientific Name: Pandanus spurius

Indigenous Name: Rau’ara, ara (Cook Islands), voivoi (Fiji), fiso, laupaogo, lau’ie (Samoa); lou’akau (Tonga); raufara (Tahiti, French Polynesia

English Name: Screw palm pandanus
Scientific Name: Freycinetia arborea, Pandanus tectorius, Pandanus cultivarsIndigenous Name: Balawa vadra (Fiji), akgak (Guam), hala (Hawaii), tutu’ila (Tonga)
English Name: Wild hibiscus
Scientific name:
Hibiscus tiliaceus
IndigenOus name:
‘Au (Cook Islands); vau (Fiji); ‘ohe (Hawaii); fou (Niue); fau (Samoa); purau (Tahiti Nui, French Polynesia); fau (Tonga) 


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