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Our Members

The Pacific Plant Protection Organisation (PPPO) was established in 1994 by Resolution of the 34th South Pacific Conference in Port Vila, Vanuatu.  It was mandated to exist as an auxiliary body of the Pacific Community and to continue within the existing structure of the SPC under Artcile IV of the Canberra Agreement .

The PPPO is responsible for co-ordinating harmonisation of phytosaniatary and for fostering co-operation in plant protection and other phytosanitary matters among Members of the Organisation and between them and countries and organisations outside the Pacific region and shall act for the Members of the organisation in developing contacts with, and where appropriate providing input into, other global and regional organisations that have authority in such matters.

The purpose of the PPPO is to provide advice on phytosanitary measures in order to facilitate trade without jeopardizing the plant health status of the importing Members and countries in particular:

  1. to ensure that the views and concerns of the Pacific Members are adequately taken into account in the development and implementation of global phytosanitary measures;
  2. assist in the development and implementation of effective and justified phytosanitary measures;
  3. provide a framework for regional and global co-operation in phytosanitary matters consistent with international principles for trade in plants and plant products;
  4. facilitate the flow of information among Members and with other regional plant protection organisations; and
  5. collaborate with SPC/PPS on specific issues including pesticides and integrated pest management

All Members of the SPC are Members of the PPPO.


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