Responsibilities:  Export of plants and plant products

The exporter is responsible for:
  1. applying for and obtaining an import permit from the importing biosecurity office prior to ordering plants or plant material from a local supplier;
  2. providing the import permit and import requirements to the local supplier, requesting that the consignment comply with the relevant import requirements;
  3. complying with reasonable instructions from the biosecurity service for inspection isolation, containment and storage of exported goods; and
  4. meeting all costs involved under c) and any costs involved in the treatment of goods.
The biosecurity service (biosecurity office, import) in the importing country is responsible for:
  1. a) providing reliable assurance that the relevant requirements on the import permit are correct at the time of issue.
The chief biosecurity officer is responsible for:
  1. a) maintaining records of overseas import requirements for plants and plant products. A list of plants and plant products for which requirements have been developed is in the country’s export requirements;
  2. b) communicating with overseas biosecurity offices to resolve specific problems related to the provision of import requirements or certification; and
  3. c) advising biosecurity officers on technical issues.
Biosecurity officers are responsible for:
  1. a) if located in the permit office:
  • advising importers on export requirements;
  1. b) if located in the port office or at the point of exit:
  • obtaining a copy of the import permit from the exporter and, where required, inspecting the goods, certification and other documents;
  • arranging treatment and supervision of treatment of consignments;
  • recording information on imports and correctly filing paperwork; and
  • issuing an international phytosanitary certificate on completion of the phytosanitary requirements specified in the import permit.


Treatment personnel are responsible for

  1. Ensuring that the consignment is treated in accordance with the import requirements specified and that it is secure from re-infestation after treatment and before export.


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