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Aircraft cabin disinection and inspection

1 Check documents:

  1. the vessel’s manifest – to identify quarantine items
  2. the import permit – to get import requirements
2 Check the equipment you will require.  Make sure the equipment functions.
3 Check that you have all the forms required for the seizure/treatment/destruction of pests and consignments, and the schedule of fees.
4 Check ETA of aircraft from schedule – can be obtained from civil airport authority on a weekly basis
5 Get details of aircraft type, airline, last port of call and type of disinsection required:

  1. residual spray
  2. top-of-descent spray by crew
  3. spray after boarding by the biosecurity officer at first point of entry.
6 Board the aircraft as soon as the door is opened.

Crew closes the door.

7 Check documentation and/or aerosol cans for compliance with requirements.
8 If residual and top of descent documents/cans are in order, permit passengers to disembark.   If these are not in compliance, commence operations for spraying by biosecurity officer (below).
Spraying by Biosecurity Officer 
6/10 Spray the aircraft at the required rate after an announcement and the opening of overhead lockers, cupboards and toilets.   Wait five minutes. Volumes of aircraft and spray rates.
7/11 Crew to open the door.
8/12 Check seat pockets of aircraft for any regulated articles. Remove and dispose of any items.
Identify interceptions if required.
9/12 Release the aircraft and complete documentation.
10 Release the aircraft and complete documentation.


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