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Aircraft passenger inspection

Steps 1 – 5 Refer to Basic requirements
6 Make initial evaluation of passenger and baggage
7 Read passenger declaration form/clarify declaration through questioning. Declared items:

  • Occupation
  • Signed

If necessary, ask the following:

  • Do you understand the questions on the form?
  • Are all these bags yours?
  • Did you pack your own baggage?
  • Are you aware of the content of these bags?
  • What is the purpose of your stay here?
  • What other countries have you visited, etc.

Inspection of diplomats and VIPs: See section below: Inspection of diplomats’ baggage and personal effects

8 Permit those passengers who you consider to meet your risk profile to enter the country.
9 Inspect other passengers’ baggage for declared items and/or inspect, based on profile of passenger after questioning.
10 If no regulated articles are detected, the passenger is permitted entry. If regulated articles are detected then the items must be seized. Collect specimens for identification.
11 After questioning the passenger following a detection, determine if the material is to be permitted entry, reconsigned (re-exported consignment) or destroyed.
12 Release goods or detain material and complete documentation
13 Place intercepted goods in secure custody with a copy of the Passenger Baggage Declaration.
14 At regular intervals check the arrival hall and concourse amnesty bins for discarded quarantine goods. Record any material found. Arrange for disposal of material.

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