Consignment In-Transit

Consignments in transit are ‘consignments (cargo, passengers’ baggage, cargo containers and animals) that are not imported into a country but pass through it to another country. They are subject to official procedures to ensure that they remain enclosed and are not split up, nor combined with other consignments, nor have their packaging changed (FAO 1990; revised CEPM 1996; CEPM 1999; ICPM 2002).

Transhipment is a particular aspect of transport of consignments between countries. It refers to the transfer of consignments from one conveyance (means of transport) to another (e.g. ship to ship at a seaport) during the transportation process. Usually transhipment takes place under customs control within an area specified by customs.

Transhipment may occur in a transit country and is thus covered by this standard.

The transit of animals is covered in Section

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