Military Operations

The issue of the movement of military ships and aircraft into a country is often very sensitive. From the perspective of the host country, there is a biosecurity risk posed that is equivalent to the commercial ones associated with the movement of ships and aircraft with passengers, goods, waste and garbage. From the military side, there are concerns with security and issues relating to access to restricted areas.

In view of this, arrangements for the clearance of aircraft and ships are generally country-specific in accordance with the national arrangements that have been developed by the government authorities involved.

It is, therefore, important that the biosecurity service is involved in inter-departmental discussions regarding the development of procedures and protocols for the clearance of military flights and ships.

United States military operations are governed by SECNAVINST 6210.2A;AR 40.12;AFR 161-4 that states that the vessels must meet national quarantine requirements. However, in view of the restrictions on access to these US vessels it is likely that biosecurity officers will require that areas that cannot be inspected be sealed and that all goods in those areas be retained on board.

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