Red snapper (Lutjanus sebae) farming in New Caledonia

The Main Goal of the SPC Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems Division (FAME) is focused on the sustainable management of aquatic resources, taking into account the opportunities that these provide to improve education, health and prosperity.

The Aquaculture Section under the SPC FAME is part of the Coastal Fisheries Programme. Its aim is to provide technical assistance to SPC’s countries and territories on responsible and sustainable aquaculture development:

  • To improve food and nutritional security.
  • To increase livelihoods.
  • As an alternative to capture fisheries, by decrease fishing pressure and through diversification of income generating activities.



The Aquaculture Section under SPC FAME is also in charge of aquatic biosecurity-aquatic animal health related matters.

There is currently a project implemented by the Aquaculture Section with a strong aquatic biosecurity component:

  • Sustainable Pacific aquaculture development for food security and economic growth   (June 2016-June 2020).

Funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the New Zealand Government.

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