Cruising yachts

Yachts are a potential pathway for pests because they carry a wide range of regulated articles such as foodstuffs, plants and soil, as well as pets, such as dogs and birds. They need careful inspection and monitoring as they often cruise from island to island within a country and can be mistaken for domestic craft. Normally, pratique is granted by radio. Yachts must make land at a point of entry, but this sometimes does not occur in countries with many small islands, some of which may not be inhabited. This section deals with yachts arriving at a point/port of entry for clearance.

1 – 5 Refer to Basic Requirements
6 Board the vessel and ask the captain/master/owner to complete the passenger declaration forms.
7 Inspect for regulated goods/articles, including plants and pets.

  • Plants with pests – destroy.
  • Fruit and vegetables with pests – destroy.
  • Infested stores (grain, etc.) – place infested grain in a plastic bag and spray the grain store.
  • Food – for short stay, permit use of food for on-board consumption from stores at a daily rate. For longer term, either seal the freezer or seize all food for destruction and only permit local food to be used.

Collect specimens for identification.

8 Bond all animals on board and give instructions that they must not leave the yacht and must not make contact with local animals. Check animals daily.
9 Make arrangements for disposal of garbage.
10 Complete documentation Yacht Inspection – Ship Inspection Report Form. 

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